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Pope Benedict XVI
Advent 2007

Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Khatsalano

I received local information about the kayak today. I have been eyeing this craft for quite some time now.

How did I come to this decision on what kayak I would like to have? For a start, I had to decide if I could live with renting kayaks from the sea sports clubs for the rest of my life. My conclusion is I can't, for the simple reason that the rental rules are too restrictive. No overnight rentals for the PA sea sports clubs and with the other commercial entities, cost becomes a real issue for a prolonged or overnight rentals.

So then I had to decide if I wanted a hard shell or a foldable. Let's not even go into the differences in quality of the different materials of the hard shell kayaks. Storage for one would be a problem with the fibre glass kayaks and I suppose where I stay, storing it in my flat will pose certain challenges. That will also mean that storage of the kayak at a certain locality will predispose her owner to launch off on trips from the same site. What a boring scenario. Might as well rent a kayak then yes?

The ability and freedom to bring the kayak to paddle and launch from anywhere then becomes an important factor. Yes, in the spirit of adventure and exploration, I want to explore the waterways around the island and be able to paddle anywhere I want around the region. And I want to do it having confidence in my own gear rather than having to rent sub-standard crappy gear elsewhere.

So as of now, I have homed in on a foldable. A Feathercraft. The Khatsalano.

This picture is from the feathercraft website. I place it here because the photo exemplifies the dreams of every sea kayaker. To stand at the shore and look out to the waters before setting off on an expedition of a lifetime.

This greenland style kayak stays true to its roots to provide an 'on the edge' experience while paddling. Sleek, fast and edgy. I am excited that this very type of craft was used for transport and work. The package comes with travel-style backpack, large bow and stern flotation bags, small diameter sponsons, adjustable padded seat, perimeter deck-lines and cross-deck rigging, adjustable neoprene spray skirt, sea sock, repair kit, assembly video. Quite a neat complete package.

Check out the craft at Feathercraft

The premium you pay for such a craft is daunting. It costs a princely $7500 for the khatsalano. Not a small sum of money but considering that a craft well taken care of is reported to be able to last 20-30 years. That is a depreciation of $250 a year over thirty years. One might argue that you will spend more than that sum a year on boat rentals alone.

What a temptation. I shall lay back on my bed and dream about faraway land that this boat can take me to....